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Double Trouble Farm, Maryland.

4 Houses, 172,000 Birds

Project Description


The Double Trouble Farm is a demonstration site in cooperation with the Maryland Agriculture Department and the University of Maryland.

Farm Information

Name Double Trouble Farm
Houses 4
Total Growing Area  14,716 m²
Typical Flock Size 43,000
Flocks Per Year 5
Historic Heating LPG
Typical LPG Usage  45,000 Litres


BHSL Solution Description

In 2016 BHSL installed one FBC600 manure to energy CHP plant. This will process up to 6 tonnes of manure a day and provide 600 kW of heat or 35 kW of electricity to the site. An LPG backup boiler system with an additional 800 kW heat output is available to supplement the FBC manure boiler when demand increases beyond 600 kW during very cold weather.


Key Performance Indicators

Energy Centre

Manure heat use vs. Historic heat Use TBC
Humidity Reduction TBC
LPG Replacement TBC
Plant Availability TBC


Pododermatitis Reduction TBC
Hock Burn Reduction TBC
FCR Improvement TBC

Project Financials

Investment $

FBC Plant Confidential
Buildings Confidential
District Heating Network Confidential
House Heating Confidential

Savings $

LPG Savings Confidential
RHI Income Confidential
Ash Sales Confidential
Bird Performance Confidential
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