Opening Day at Murphy’s Double Trouble Farm

Governor Larry Hogan and Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder visited Murphy’s Double Trouble Farm yesterday and awarded our technology.

“I am proud to recognize the Murphy family for bringing this innovative technology to Maryland,” said Governor Hogan. “I commend the Murphy’s and the entire Double Trouble Farm team for leading the way for farmers to improve water quality, increase energy independence, and improve animal waste management to ensure the sustainability of animal agriculture in our state.”

“I am excited that a unique piece of technology designed in Ireland is going to transform US poultry production and play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of the industry on the Chesapeake Bay,” Biomass Heating Solutions, Inc. Chairman Denis Brosnan. “I hope this pilot project is the start of a broader initiative to turn poultry manure from a potential pollutant into a valuable source of energy.”

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